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2022 MeadowMore Cup - Allenmore GC

From Left to Right:

Jim Shin, Mike Shows, Mel Schuckenbrock, Ed Sterbick, Joe Mancuso, Mike Gearin, Dean Mazzuca, Wayne Carp, Chuck Mulholland, Eric Gilson, David Lloyd, Frank Mazzuca, Roger Schweinler, Tim O'Donnell, Bob Carlson

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2022 MeadowMore Cup Day 1 Results.jpg
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Allenmore MMC Members with Trophy 2022_edited.jpg

Post-Tournament Allenmore Men's Club Members with the Trophy.  From left to right: Mel Schuckenbrock, Wayne Carp, Jim Shin, Joe Mancuso, Eric Gilson, Dean Mazzuca & David Lloyd (2022)

2022 MMC Tim_edited.jpg

Tim O'Donnell celebrating the win in style! (2022)

HISTORY: Our course was originally contacted in July 2013 by Jerry Keathley, the Tournament Director of the Meadow Park Men’s Club.  Their course issued the following proposal and challenge to the Allenmore Men’s Club: They proposed establishing an annual competition, with a perpetual traveling trophy, between our two clubs which will take place in September of each year.  The event shall be known as The MeadowMore Cup, and will take place at alternating sites; ie: years ending in odd numbers will be played at Meadow Park and even numbered years at Allenmore.  The winning course will receive an engraved trophy suitable to proudly display in their Pro Shop for the next year. ​INAUGURAL DATES: The inaugural event will be held on Friday – Sunday, September 20 – 22, 2013.  Friday evening will consist of a gathering at Meadow Park Golf Course, where the team captains will announce the match-ups and players will be given their tee-times.  Saturday & Sunday matches will occur as follows: FORMAT: This will be a 2-day event, much like the Ryder and Presidents Cup tournaments, with 2 different formats used.  Day 1 will consist of 6 Four-ball (better-ball) matches; day 2 will be 12 individual matches.  All matches on both days will be played in Match-Play format, i.e.; if one team (or player) scores lower on a hole than the opponent, the hole is won.  The match ends when a player (or team) is ahead more holes than are left to play.  The winning team (or player) will receive 1 full point for their course.  If a match is halved, each team will receive ½ point.  At the conclusion of play on the second day the team with the most points wins. It requires a team to score 9 ½ points to win the event.  In the event of a tie, the reigning champion shall retain the cup. HANDICAP ALLOWANCE: In accordance with the USGA, in the Four-ball matches, the higher handicapped players receive the full course handicap difference between themselves and the lowest handicapped player, while the lowest handicapped player plays to scratch.  Ie:  player A has a handicap of 4, player B has a handicap of 9, player C has a handicap of 14 and player D has a handicap of 16.  Player B would play to a 5 handicap, player C would play to a 10 handicap, and player D would play to a 12 handicap, while player A would play to a 0.  Individual matches would be calculated the same, only opponent vs. opponent. TEAMS: The teams will consist of a 12-man roster (with an additional 2 alternates) that will be determined by each course through the use of an accumulating points system.  Each course will use their own system to determine their team roster.  Allenmore Men's Club will use a system whereby the top 9 point gathers (3 each in designated divisions) will earn an automatic roster spot, and 2 alternates will be determined by the accumulated points system as well (alternates may play as determined by the team captain).  3 additional team members will be given a roster spot, appointed by the Team Captain at his total discretion. Points will be awarded through playing in our course’s monthly designated medal play desk games, as well as specific designated events, starting in March and concluding in August.  Bonus points are also awarded for attending our monthly Men's Club meetings during that same time frame.  The final qualifying event will be The Club Championship (excluding the senior event) and will be considered a Major where point values are doubled. In any case where a qualified player is unable (or unwilling) to accept a roster spot in this event, the list will shift down and the next available player will gain the roster spot.      * To be determined by each course individually.  Qualifications and selection methods may evolve over the years. ​PRIZE: Meadow Park proposed designating the perpetual trophy “The Joey Ash Memorial Trophy”.  A proposal that was agreed to by all.

2022 MMC Carp_edited.jpg

Wayne Carp posing with the trophy after a hard fought battle to win 2u! (2022)

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