MINUTES    -  Jan 5, 2016 General Meeting

MINUTES    -  Feb 2, 2016 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  Mar 1, 2016 General Meeting
MINUTES      -  Apr 5, 2016 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  May 3, 2016 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  Jun 14, 2016 General Meeting

EVENT          -  Jul 5, 2016 Horse Race 

MINUTES      -  Aug 2, 2016 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  Sep 6, 2016 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  Oct 4, 2016 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  Nov 1, 2016 General Meeting

EVENT          -  Dec 6, 2016 Christmas Dinner

MINUTES    -  Jan 3, 2017 General Meeting

MINUTES    -  Feb 7, 2017 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  Mar 7, 2017 General Meeting
MINUTES      -  Apr 4, 2017 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  May 2, 2017 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  Jun 13, 2017 General Meeting

EVENT          -  Jul 11, 2017 Horse Race 

MINUTES      -  Aug 1, 2017 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  Sep 5, 2017 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  Oct 3, 2017 General Meeting

MINUTES      -  Nov 7, 2017 General Meeting

EVENT          -  Dec 5, 2017 Christmas Dinner

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Find the event history as well as the results of this past years' tournament by clicking here, or on "The MeadowMore Cup" tab in the header. 

MeadowMore Cup Points Final Results Top 30: August 20, 2017

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