The following Tacoma area businesses, as well as individuals, have sponsored our Annual Golf Tournament.  The Allenmore Men's Club appreciates the support and encourages our members and their guests to reciprocate.  You may link to their businesses by clicking on their logo below.  It is this kind of generosity and involvement from business organizations and individuals such as these, even in the face of a struggling economy, that make a community so strong.  On behalf of the entire Allenmore Men's Club, our elected officers would like to personally thank each and every one.

Our membership looks forward to many future partnerships with each individual sponsor and/or their representatives, while maintaining a solid and loyal relationship for many years to come.  GIVE THEM A CLICK AND CHECK IT OUT!

Ladies & Gentelmen:

This represents what our flat-screen video presentation looks like as of January 24, 2019.  To view the the presentation in its entirety, click on the symbol in the very lower right-hand corner of the viewing frame.  This will open the presentation in a new window and begin playing.

If you prefer to view a specific advertising slide only, use the arrows and advance to the beginning of the slide of your choice and then use the symbol to open the presentation in a new window.  This will begin the presentation with that slide.

Advertising slide numbers are:  1) Introduction to Allenmore Golf & Events Center, 2) Join our Men's Club, 3) 2019 Tournament & Events Schedule, 4) Peninsula Auto Group, 5) Chalet Bowl, 6) John Mayfield & Family, 7) Sterino Farms, 8) Elks Lodge #174, 9) Dawson's Bar & Grill, 10) Law Offices of David Bufilini, 11) Dan's Delivery Service, & 12) The Urban Elk Restaurant.

​     * NOTE:  if any slide freezes or bogs down, simply click anywhere inside the viewing frame to advance to the next animation.  It should eventually begin running automatically on the following slide.  This seems to be a streeming issue and does not occur in the actual program.

For convenience purposes only, anyone can choose to pay their 2020 Membership Dues on this website using PayPal.  As you can clearly see, we are forced to add a $2 - $3 "convenience fee" to each membership level to cover the fees associated with using PayPal services.  This is not our preference, but simply an option for the user.  To use this service you MUST complete the following 2 steps, in order:

1)  First, select your membership level in the field provided and then pay for your membership using the PayPal button provided.  This will give you the necessary receipt / transaction number needed to complete the registration form.

2)  Complete the Registration Form with all of the required information and submit.​​​​

You will be contacted within 24 - 48 hours to confirm that your information and payment was received.​

Proud Sponsor of our MeadowMore Cup Team

Annual Tournament Sponsors

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To view the video presentation, follow the directions listed under the viewing area